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The following questions were answered and discussed.

What’s new? (00:01)
What is Ann’s update? (00:21)
What is going on in the MBG G+ Community? (02:21)
What does Sana have to say? (05:22)
What are MBG users saying? (Alex Yong) (05:49)
What are MBG users asking? (Alex Yong) (06:11)
What are the advantages to putting articles in the gallery? (06:24)
What is the definition of “Free?” (07:16)
What is the verified author feature in MBG? (08:24)
How do I develop regular contributor relationships? (11:19)
What’s new with Viral Content Buzz? (13:02)
Any final thoughts? (13:59)
How can I maximize the effectiveness of using Viral Content Buzz? (12:28)

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