My Blog Guest is a free community of guest bloggers who join the place to find relevant blogs to guest post for or interested authors to write for them.

If you haven’t heard of our community before, here’s the quick summary.

How MyBlogGuest Makes Guest Blogging Easier

  • MyBlogGuest connects you to bloggers who are *actively* looking for guest writers (or authors who are actively looking for blogs to write for). This means your request is highly targeted: you don’t just email a a random person who isn’t even sure he wants a guest post. You can rest assured that your pitch is timely and is likely to spur interest.
  • MyBlogGuest makes it easier to scale and organize your guest blogging campaign. For example, we have a built-in feature that will alert you of you message wasn’t read or if your pitch remained without a reply and needs a follow-up.
  • MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery lets you easily find free unique content for your blog and quickly feel the gap in the publication schedule.

What MyBlogGuest Won’t Do For You:

  • MyBlogGuest will NOT automate your guest blogging campaign (you still need participate and get involved. Guest blogging is *only* about community and connections!);
  • MyBlogGuest will NOT help you place low-quality content and generate easy links (We only accept high-quality content and we only welcome users who are serious about guest blogging!

Now, wait no more. Try it! It’s absolutely free to join. No catch!

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